Proud of Britain

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Proud of pride.

The ripples are spreading, spreading on an ocean of pride!

Our fine schools, public service employees, red fire engines and green goddesses, our lovely page 3 stunners - all of these uplifting British institutions fill the patriot's heart with more pride than it can properly contain.

Here are some testimonials from proud Britons:

That'll put the wind up them. Let them know we mean business.

Name some decent British films .

Proud of Britain.

I, like so many other bloggers, am proud of Britain.

The United Kingdom is a beautiful country - it's a pity some don't appreciate it more often.

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Sometimes, when I read Viz, I really am proud of Britain.

I'm proud to live in a country where the doctrine of the white man's burden is alive and kicking.
I'm proud to live in a country where our foreign policy has been subcontracted to the most reactionary American President in history.
I'm proud to live in a country that only locks people up without trial indefinitely if they're foreign.
I'm proud to live in a country where only people of the highest moral fibre are appointed to key postions.

Essex English.

Oh dear, someone's let Peter Mandelson's bulldog off the leash again.

Are you Proud of Britain? Or would you rather see it turned into a police state?

Oh yes, as John Ashcroft once sang in his fine American tenor, The Eagle Soars. Clearly, we Britons are not quite as grandiose as our American friends. For us, there is no eagle - but many a squirrel burying nuts, many a fresian mowing grass, many a nightingale singing in Berkeley Square. This land is at great risk, fellow patriots, unless we reassert our pride in this wonderful heritage.

As our hallowed Prime Minister once said, in his usual charming series of staccatto non-sequiturs:

Proud, but not prejudiced.
Fair, but firm.
Ample, but not swollen.
Saucy, but savoury.
Free, but foxy.
Tough on young people, tough on the causes of young people.

I weep every time I think of those wonderful phrases.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

More Pride.

Everyone's proud of Britain! Stalinists , Jews and especially, of course, politicians !

Pride is spreading Wherever you are !

Proud Brittania is once more on the march.

Are you doing your bit for Pride ?

Must maintain stiff upper lip... pride is swelling from my tear ducts in a hot flow... onward, patriots!

Proud of Britain.

What makes you Proud of Britain ? What makes you want to raise the ire of Empire, with a firm heart, a steady hand, and a carefully folded copy of the Daily Mail?

What? Well, you should give a shit! Pride is sweeping the nation. It's spreading to all coasts. It's reaching Perfection. Even traitorous Bolsheviks can't get enough of it.

Here are just a few of the many wonderful gifts that Britain has given to the world.

The English Character.

Peace and security .

Pie and mash.

A warm welcome.

Plenty for all.

And now, behold the glory!

A refined gene pool.

Stout commentary.

World-beating pop music.

Ding dong!

Great world leaders.

Chas n Dave

Thoughtful commentary.

The British pub.

A fine ambassador for Britain in the world.

Cool Brittania.

Vigilant news reporting.

Classic fiction.

The rule of law.

Yes, indeed! Britain - the cradle of democracy, the rolling green fields, the caramel-coloured lumps of horseshit, the nuns riding on bicycles through the mist, the stiff upper lip, the sphinctre that haunts Europe! God Bless these sainted shores!