Proud of Britain

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Proud of Britain.

What makes you Proud of Britain ? What makes you want to raise the ire of Empire, with a firm heart, a steady hand, and a carefully folded copy of the Daily Mail?

What? Well, you should give a shit! Pride is sweeping the nation. It's spreading to all coasts. It's reaching Perfection. Even traitorous Bolsheviks can't get enough of it.

Here are just a few of the many wonderful gifts that Britain has given to the world.

The English Character.

Peace and security .

Pie and mash.

A warm welcome.

Plenty for all.

And now, behold the glory!

A refined gene pool.

Stout commentary.

World-beating pop music.

Ding dong!

Great world leaders.

Chas n Dave

Thoughtful commentary.

The British pub.

A fine ambassador for Britain in the world.

Cool Brittania.

Vigilant news reporting.

Classic fiction.

The rule of law.

Yes, indeed! Britain - the cradle of democracy, the rolling green fields, the caramel-coloured lumps of horseshit, the nuns riding on bicycles through the mist, the stiff upper lip, the sphinctre that haunts Europe! God Bless these sainted shores!


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